Sunday, October 23, 2011

Your audience is here waiting...

After working on a client in the Bellaire area, I stumbled upon a cute store called Magpies Gifts. As I was quickly browsing the isles looking at all the unique items the store has, I came across a sign with this quote:


I immediately thought about how relevant this quote is in one's personal and/or business outlook and approach. At this stage in my life, I'm continually asking myself..."Should I expand & to what location?" "How will I achieve this goal & where will I find good quality staff?" "Where's funding going to come from?" and in this short moment I recognized that I've been holding back and putting up unnecessary road blocks for myself.

All these issues are valid and need to be researched & addressed, but instead of coming up with solutions to these questions, I instead have become more apprehensive to act because I am afraid of failure.

This is the first time I've admitted this to myself, but I'm glad this moment happened. It's funny how a short quote like this re-gave me confidence to know that there IS a need for the services my company provides and that my audience is here and is waiting.... so I guess the next step is to boldly put myself out there and see what happens!

Monday, June 13, 2011

"Just what the body ordered"

Wanted to introduce & dedicate my 1st blog entry to my company BODY WORx.

For those of you that are not familiar with me or my company, BODY WORx is a mobile massage business that specializes in "fixing" any dysfunctions & pain one may have with their body. I'm blessed to have a clientele list many therapists would dream of. I work on some of the best athletes & musicians in the world & plan on making BODY WORx a household name.

I recently found my dream building I'd love to have as the BODY WORx official office space, so I'm going to pray & allow the universe to work everything out for me & guide me in the right direction. Also if you or someone you know is a therapist with great talent, work ethic & potential, feel free to contact me in joining the BODY WORx team.

I love my job, the human body & how it continues to challenge and teach me something new everyday just adding to my knowledge and growth. I've finally found my purpose and passion in life and seeing my clients physically excel as a result of the bodywork I've done just gives me more drive to be a better therapist for them.

~Joann Brito~
Live & Love Life