Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Reflexology Quick Fix

If your in need for your hands & feet to get worked on, this is the place for you!  Let me paint the experience....The front desk attendant will lead you to the back, soothing music is playing in the background and the lighting and feel of the room is low & relaxing. The attendant will set your belongings on the counter next to your seat, no need to get undressed, just wear comfortable loose clothing.  You will take off your shoes, socks and if your wearing sweats or pants, you'll lift them above your knees, put your feet in a bowl of warm water & lay back in a fairly large chair that reclines.  Also a small dry towel will be placed over your eyes to help you further relax.

I requested for my hands to get the majority of the attention since that was my main problem area.  The therapist worked on my shoulders, arms, forearms & hands first, then finished with my feet. An hour session was only $40!  My hands and feet were on cloud 9 when I was done, definitely a fantastic experience for a great price and I will be making a visit to this place on a more regular basis. :)

Midtown Reflexology
540 Waugh Dr. #B
Houston, TX 77019
(832) 460-0632

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